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Imagine the Possibilites, Inc.

Imagine the Possibilites, Inc.

Contact Information

Company Name:Imagine the Possibilites, Inc.
Contact: Maggi Muhlhausen
Address: Maquoketa, IA 52060
Phone: 563-652-5252x1145
Web Site:


How we came about:
In July of 2016, after months of planning and research, three organizations from across the state came together to create Imagine the Possibilities, Inc. with the mission of “Individual Achievement!”
Imagine The Possibilities is committed to providing quality Community based Services to people with disabilities. People served will be assured individually designed services that enhance capabilities in environments that tolerate only dignity and respect for all. Our primary focus is to enhance each persons quality of life through “Individual Achievement”
These three organizations (DAC, Inc., Imagine the Possibilities, Inc. and Midwest Opportunities, Inc.) wanted to be proactive and set a solid foundation for services for years to come in order to effectively work with the new implementation of Managed Care that was now overseeing funding for our services.
In October of 2016, Imagine the Possibilites Inc. added another strong partner to the fold – G and G Living Centers, Inc.
With this foresight and action, Imagine the Possibilities, Inc. is now one of the largest organizations in the state providing a variety of services and service locations to individuals with developmental disabilities. The scope and size of the organization brings a wealth of knowledge, experience and choices in order to provide the best quality services to those we serve.
Imagine the Possibilities, Inc. has over 132 years of combined experience from the three previous organizations coming together. Better Together…yes we are!
The following is a little information on the history, service lines and experience the three organizations brought together to create the organization.
Previously named DAC, Inc., located in the northeast part of the state has provided services to individuals with disabilities since 1973. Over the years it expanded into the neighboring towns of DeWitt, Maquoketa, Preston, Bellevue, Dubuque and Davenport, providing services in RCF/PMI, HCBS and ICF/ID.
Previously named Midwest Opportunities, Inc. (MOI), located in the southwest part of the state, has provided Intermediate Care Facility services (ICF/ID) in Corning and Creston to individuals with developmental disabilities since 1994. Over the years it has provided services to both adults and children, specializing in supporting individuals with more medical needs in their community.
The third organization, Imagine the Possibilities, Inc., was proudly able to keep their existing name as all three organizations agreed that it was a great representation of the new organization. It is located in the southeast part of the state and has provided services to individuals since 1977 in Oskaloosa. Over the years it has provided RCF/ID, ICF/ID and HCBS.
Previously named G&G Living Centers, Inc. located in the northeastern part of the state, (has) provided services to individuals with disabilities since 1992. Over the years, (the agency) has provided ICF/ID, HCBS, and Vocational services throughout Guttenberg, Garnavillo, Strawberry Point, Manchester and Edgewood.
Today, we’re “Better Together”. Since that time, the depth and scope of our services has expanded considerably. Today, we serve more than 550individuals and employ more than 750 capable team members. Although our names may have changed, we all serve with a single focus: Individual Achievement!