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East Central Intergovernmental Assoc

East Central Intergovernmental Assoc

Contact Information

Company Name:East Central Intergovernmental Assoc
Address: 7600 Commerce Park
Phone: 563-556-4166


The East Central Intergovernmental Association is a membership supported organization of local governmental bodies in Cedar, Clinton, Delaware, Dubuque and Jackson Counties. ECIA exists because of the need for local governments facing similar problems to cooperate in finding solutions. Through ECIA membership local governments share resources that they could not afford individually. The cooperative effort of neighboring governments also means greater efficiency and quality in solving regional problems.

Provide commercial lending services for government programs in multi-counties; assist with economic development programs; provide technical/advisory work, grant writing/administration for federal-state programs working with local governments, community partners, business owners, entrepreneurs, non-p

Technical/advisory work in administration of local, state and federal programs working with city/county governments, property owners/tenants, contractors, inspectors, general public. Responsible for inspection/enforcement of state/local electrical, building, mechanical, plumbing codes-other codes/or