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Shullsburg Creamery, II, LLC

Shullsburg Creamery, II, LLC

Contact Information

Company Name:Shullsburg Creamery, II, LLC
Contact: Barbara Sue Schubert - HR Administrator/Payroll
Address: 208 W Water St
Shullsburg, WI 53586
Phone: 608-965-3073x266
Web Site:


Steeped in a long standing history of making quality, properly cured cheese, Shullsburg Creamery is located in the Dairy Heartland – tucked in the deepest southern corner of Lafayette County in Shullsburg, Wisconsin.  Shullsburg Creamery’s passion for producing and distributing cheese started in 1934 with immigrant Tony Pedersen, a pioneer in laying out the groundwork for the company’s present day relationships with retailers and distributors through Wisconsin, Iowa, Illinois and parts of Minnesota and Missouri. 

In the early 1970s Pedersen sold the company and his legacy passed on to the Stocker family.  Building on product consistency and a commitment to success, the creamery has attained achievements as specialists in natural cheese, in addition to award winning service and quality.  For information about Shullsburg Creamery, go to or to their Facebook page.