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Sisters of the Presentation

Sisters of the Presentation

Contact Information

Company Name:Sisters of the Presentation
Contact: Human Resources
Address: 2360 Carter Rd
Dubuque, IA 52001
Web Site:


The Sisters of the Presentation offer a positive, inspirited, growth-oriented work environment reflected in their spirit of hospitality. Our employees experience a nurturing work environment committed to the values of service and hospitality. The Sisters of the Presentation community consists of 105 vowed members and 133 associates, each bringing a unique energy and dedication to Presentation ministries. The community preserves the integrity of the human person and of all creation. In both communal and individual ways, we strive to integrate the three dimensions of creation: interiority, differentiation, and communion. We have committed ourselves to having a visionary role within the church and society, witnessing joy, compassion, inclusion, and justice. Presentation sisters offer a variety of programs and activities to assist your listening, enrich your life and support your spiritual and personal and professional growth.

Join our healthcare team where you can enjoy an excellent staffing ratio in a non-regulated home environment providing care for women religious.