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Klauer Manufacturing Company

Klauer Manufacturing Company

Contact Information

Company Name:Klauer Manufacturing Company
Contact: John Hickie - Human Resources Manager
Address: 1185 Roosevelt St Extension
Dubuque, IA 52001
Web Site:



Klauer Manufacturing is an industry leader in manufacturing sheet metal building products serving the residential, agricultural and light commercial markets with thousands of product options.  

We have been in business since 1870 and are in our fifth generation of being family owned and operated.  

We have distribution partners in 43 states and have over 250,000 square feet of manufacturing space in Dubuque, IA. 

Klauer Manufacturing is focused on attracting and retaining talented employees that will continue to grow the business. 


The production manager’s job will be to apply principles of manufacturing, technology and management to the production process in order to make it as efficient as possible, while maintaining quality standards. A successful production manager will have a strong knowledge of the entire manufacturing p

Power Brake Setup duties include but are not limited to : Sets up and operates power brake to bend, notch, punch, form rolls, arc, or straighten metal plates or sheet metal and structural shapes to blueprints or sketch specifications: May select pre specified production programs from machine compute

The Customer Service Specialist will be responsible for entering customer orders, answering calls and emails, providing product information, and helping the customer by being informative, empathetic, and eager to quickly solve a customer’s problem. Must be willing to listen, learn, and resolve any c

Load and unload items from machines, conveyors, and conveyances. Operate machinery used in the production process, or assist machine operators as needed. Place products and parts in equipment or on work surfaces for further processing, inspecting, or wrapping/packaging as needed. Inspection of produ

The Setup position satisfies customer requirements of quality, quantity and delivery, in a safe manner while maximizing productivity. This position sets up and operates machines. Setup personnel are required to assist other operators in the daily duties as required.

Performs any combination of following tasks to receive, store, and distribute material, equipment and products within establishments: Reads production schedule, customer order, work order, shipping order or requisition to determine items to be moved, gathered, or distributed. Conveys materials and i

Manufacturing Associates operate fabricating machines, such as roll forming machines, brake presses, and shears that cut, shape and bend sheet metal. This position is responsible for the daily operation of assigned machines.

Coil Slitter Setup duties include but are not limited to: Sets up and operates coil slitting machine equipped with rotary blades to cut rolls of sheet metal to strips of specified widths according to specifications: Reads work order to determine dimensions of rolls to be cut. Selects proper material

The primary role will be to engage with production team members and provide support to manufacturing processes. This person will also develop, improve, and implement manufacturing process changes required to improve the efficiencies of individual operations.

The Quality Coordinator is responsible for development and deployment of a quality system that aligns with customer expectations. This position will work with the necessary parties to develop manufacturing systems to support customers, production, suppliers, and the rest of the company.

The Environmental Health & Safety (EHS) Program Manager will develop, coordinate, and implement occupational health policies and procedures to promote and ensure effective safety operations in the organization. This position will be responsible for all safety functions in totality.