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Company Name:Digga
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Founded in 1981, Digga pioneered Pendulum Drilling in Australia and today produce the largest range of compact high torque planetary drives for Pendulum Auger, Anchor & Foundation drilling in the world.

Digga is a multi-award winning company,recognized for our innovative approach to leading edge design and manufacturing quality. Digga has 5 Manufacturing Plants in Australia, North America and the United Kingdom.

Digga offer a state of the art, new, modern, clean-air facility, with ongoing Training & development provided by the company.

Unload trucks as necessary, sign for material and ensure accurate count, turn in appropriate paperwork, deliver material to appropriate area and put away Receives incoming goods, unloads, unpacks and checks goods against paperwork Moves, stacks, packs, re-packs and assemble goods as necessary Picks,