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Company Name:Digga
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Founded in 1981, Digga pioneered Pendulum Drilling in Australia and today produce the largest range of compact high torque planetary drives for Pendulum Auger, Anchor & Foundation drilling in the world.

Digga is a multi-award winning company,recognized for our innovative approach to leading edge design and manufacturing quality. Digga has 5 Manufacturing Plants in Australia, North America and the United Kingdom.

Digga offer a state of the art, new, modern, clean-air facility, with ongoing Training & development provided by the company.

Welder/Fabricator Fulltime hourly position-1 st shift (overtime depending on demand) Dyersville, IA-state of the art modern facility with excellent working conditions DIGGA is a multi-award winning manufacturer of Drilling Attachments, gearboxes & augers. A global company, with 5 state of the ar