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American Red Cross

American Red Cross

Contact Information

Company Name:American Red Cross
Contact: Design/Art
Phone: 608-227-1358
Web Site:


Our Mission

The American Red Cross Biomedical Services will fulfill the needs of the American people for the safest, most reliable and most cost-effective blood services through voluntary donations.

The Mid-America Division of the American Red Cross supplies blood products to nearly 250 hospitals in 10 states and across the nation. We rely on the generosity of more than 800,000 volunteer blood donors, nearly 6,200 blood drive coordinators and more than 1,800 employees to collect the blood that helps save thousands of lives each year. The Division's regional offices are located in Madison, Wisconsin; Omaha, Nebraska; Peoria, Illinois; and St. Paul, Minnesota.

The Mid-America Division is one of 11 Red Cross Blood Services Divisions located across the United States. Together, these divisions provide nearly one half of the blood needed each year to treat patients across the nation?about 6 million units.

Blood Donors

Blood donors are everyday people with a desire to give back to their community. They are high school students, business executives and everyone in between-people with a generous spirit, whose gift means life to patients in need.

Whether at a blood drive in a community or at a donation center in the city, every one of our donors plays an integral role in the delivery of modern healthcare. Many diseases, surgeries and conditions require blood transfusions in order for treatments to be successful and recovery to be possible.