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Progressive Processing, LLC

Progressive Processing, LLC

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Company Name:Progressive Processing, LLC
Contact: Ed Miller
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Progressive Processing, LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of Hormel Foods, is opening a new facility in Dubuque, Iowa.  This is where it all comes together. The worldwide presence and stability of an industry leader. The challenges you crave. The growth you expect. The autonomy you deserve. And the variety and creative freedom that make your work vital and exciting.

At Progressive Processing, LLC, we not only have a world-class, established reputation and resources, we also have the vision that can help you build a long-lasting and successful career-one that's on the leading edge.

As we grow and expand into new and exciting areas of the food business, our need for talented, dedicated people grows, too. If you think you might have something to offer, you should know that Progressive Processing has plenty to offer you.