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Colony Brands, Inc.

Colony Brands, Inc.

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Company Name:Colony Brands, Inc.
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Colony Brands together with its subsidiaries and affiliated companies, are a successful, multifaceted enterprise consisting of numerous multichannel retail brands, several operational support companies and a portfolio of affiliate businesses. Headquartered in Monroe, Wisconsin, we deliver an array of products and services to our customers and clients.  With over 90 years in business, Colony Brands, has become knowledgeable and proficient in what we do. Operational support subsidiaries and affiliate businesses provide marketing, consumer credit, collections, product sourcing, information technology, wholesale food and charter aviation. Together these provide business solutions and drive success for the entire enterprise and empower outside clients to reach their business goals. 

Colony Brands is an empowerment enterprise. As an employee of Colony Brands, you’ll contribute to the success of one or more of the enterprise’s brands or companies. And, no matter where you apply your talents in the enterprise, or what your job description may be, you’ll be working with every other employee to reach one overarching goal: to empower our customers and the people in the communities we call home. We do this so that the people whose lives we touch, in the course of doing business, may live richer and fuller lives.  

We’re doing our part to support our customers, employees, communities…and we’re still hiring.  

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Our Personalization Artists are completing a variety of tasks to personalize products for our customers. In Peosta we personalize products with embroidery, lazer engraving, sand art, hand paint, and several others. This department is fast paced and exciting. We have positions available on all 3 shif

Great opportunity to earn some extra holiday ca$h! Forklift Operators are responsible for filling customer orders and unloading containers. Operators are driving through the aisles of the warehouse and picking customer orders from the racking and applying the customer address labels.

Our Warehouse Associates are responsible for picking and packing customer orders. This requires employees to walk the aisles of the warehouse while pulling a cart to fill customer orders. Other responsibilities include working on the line to package the customer orders.