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E.I.P. Manufacturing is 126,000 sq feet big and 90 employees strong. Located in Earlville, IA and in operation since 1975, E.I.P. continues with a strong dedication to customer satisfaction and service.

At E.I.P. Mfgs Inc. we are proud to be a part of your business and success. From our first livestock feeder in 1975, we have grown to what you see today and we continue to adapt to your needs.

Each piece of equipment we offer is built with special attention to quality, performance and durability. When that piece of equipment leaves, we are proud to have our name go with it. That name carries nearly 25 years of experience and dedication to manufacturing all over America. That's something to be proud of.

We will continue to grow and maintain the innovation and attention that you need in our business. We look forward to the future.

E.I.P.'s features:

E.I.P. can help you:
Increase your bottom line.
Modify or improve your manufacturing ability.
Design tooling and cut your stamping and cutting costs.
Carry your inventory.
With 6 coil lines we can often cut your rod to length and still save you money on your raw material cost.