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Hartig Drug

Hartig Drug

Contact Information

Company Name:Hartig Drug
Contact: Carrie Temperly
Address: 703 Main St
Dubuque, IA 52001
Phone: 563-588-8700x10033
Web Site:


Hartig Drug Stores is a privately owned regional community pharmacy chain and one of the oldest continuously operated firms in the United States. Currently, the company has  retail pharmacies in the tri-states area of Iowa, Wisconsin and Illinois. The company headquarters is located in Dubuque, Iowa.

At Hartig Drug, we cherish the faith and trust that our patients and customers have placed in our name. To our customers, our name represents: Caring associates, quality merchandise, selection, and value.

Hartig Drug devotes a tremendous amount of time and energy providing our employees an environment that is healthy and supportive. The men and women of Hartig Drug welcome our customers into our places of business as if they were family. To us, customer service is more than lip service, it's a culture. Every day, we strive to be the best. To that end, we are committed to hiring the best people. Our people are proud to offer our customers clean stores, in-stock stores, high quality merchandise and low prices.

Hartig Drug Stores has been serving the Illinois, Iowa and Wisconsin Markets since 1904. The company operates traditional drug stores, and several long-term care pharmacies. Hartig Drug has partnered with UnityPoint-Finley Hospital of Dubuque and operates Finley-Hartig Homecare, a store and service organization specializing in durable medical equipment, medical supplies and oxygen. Hartig Drug Stores can be accessed via the World Wide Web at