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Horsfield Construction Inc

Horsfield Construction Inc

Contact Information

Company Name:Horsfield Construction Inc
Contact: Maureen Welty
Address: 505 E Main St
Epworth, IA 52045
Phone: 563-876-3335
Web Site:http://
Internships:Company Internship Program Profile


Horsfield Construction, Inc is a member of a group family-owned companies located in Epworth, Iowa. Founded in 1984, we then focused on asphalt paving and seal coating in the local area. Today, our company has grown steadily to meet all of the construction industry's needs. Our territory now includes eastern Iowa, southwest Wisconsin and northwest Illinois.

Our specialization areas now include concrete paving, pipe construction, excavation, trucking and demolition as well as residential, industrial and commercial developments. Our affiliated companies are also involved in ready-mix concrete production, aggregate materials production, and real estate development.

Our officers and employees are a group of young, energetic individuals who strive for success by performing quality work in the safest, most economical way possible. This commitment is responsible for the steady growth the corporation has experienced since its conception.

Join our team. We would like to combine your expertise and experience with our already large knowledge base, and continue to serve our clients the way we have since 1984...with pride. 

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