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Southwest Wisconsin Technical College

Southwest Wisconsin Technical College

Contact Information

Company Name:Southwest Wisconsin Technical College
Address: 1800 Bronson Blv.
Fennimore, WI 53809
Phone: 608-822-3262
Web Site:


Southwest Wisconsin Technical College, Fennimore, WI is committed to excellence in education. The College assists individuals to develop employment skills, a lifelong commitment to learning, and a respect for diversity. Programs and services meet the changing needs of business, industry, and society.

The SA will work in close collaboration with the department heads of the Advancement (Foundation, alumni, business relations, industry training, housing) and Recruitment (marketing to prospective students) functional areas.This position primarily supports the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) f

The SA will work in close collaboration with the department heads of the Finance (general ledger, accounts payable/receivable, budgeting, fixed assets, purchasing) and Human Resources (compensation, benefits, hiring, onboarding, performance) and Payroll functional areas.This position primarily suppo

The SA will work in close collaboration with the department heads of the Student Services (admissions, records, registration, advising) and Financial Aid functional areas.This position primarily supports the business processes and software modules serving Student Services and Financial Aid.

This position provides standard organizational or process information to students and prospective students. Responsibilities may include providing admissions information to prospective students; providing information on registration processes; and reviewing transcripts. This full-time, year-round, b

Provides administrative, accounting, and financial aid services. Responsibilities include reconciling student payments and electronic credits; assisting parents and students in completing Free Application for Federal Student Aid, and entrance and exit loan counseling. Limited term, full-time, year-r

This position provides advanced administrative services requiring a broad knowledge of the assigned department/division. Responsibilities may include monitoring budgets, accounts, billings, and/or expenditures.his full-time, year-round, benefited position is limited term with a projected end date of