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Unison Solutions

Unison Solutions

Contact Information

Company Name:Unison Solutions
Contact: Brenda Ries
Address: 5451 Chavenelle Rd
Dubuque, IA 52002-2633
Phone: 563-585-0967
Web Site:


Unison Solutions manufactures innovative renewable energy systems which have been installed around the world at landfills, wastewater treatment facilities, breweries,  dairies, and food processing digester plants.  To date, Unison has provided over 250 gas conditioning and compression systems to the biogas marketplace and is uniquely positioned to provide all facets of a renewable energy project from equipment fabrication to startup and ongoing maintenance support in-house.


Do you want to be part of a better, cleaner future?  The ability to work in a fast paced, creative, customer service driven environment is a must!  All positions at Unison offer competitive pay and an excellent benefits package.