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Westmark Enterprises, Inc.

Westmark Enterprises, Inc.

Contact Information

Company Name:Westmark Enterprises, Inc.
Address: 4050 Westmark Dr
Dubuque, IA 52002-2624
Phone: 563-589-1281
Web Site:


Headquartered in Dubuque, Iowa, Westmark Enterprises specializes in real estate development in Iowa, Florida and North Carolina. In addition, Westmark also provides support for related companies, including Kendall Hunt Publishing Company, Great River Learning and Fourge Social.

With approximately 50 employees in Dubuque, Westmark provides career opportunities in accounting and finance, information technology, human resources, and telecommunications.

For more information, visit Westmark at

Westmark Development is looking for our next Assistant to our CIO (Chief Information Officer). This position will work closely with our CIO, within our IT Department, to ensure that all administrative, accounting functions, and other special projects are completed. We are looking for the right perso

Westmark Enterprises is looking for our next Tax and Compliance Accountant to join our team! In this role, you will work to prepare and file all governmental tax and business filings, oversee and supervise the preparation of sales tax returns while also ensuring we are in compliance with laws and re

We all use technology and most overlook the power behind it. We are looking for someone who understands the power technology holds and can develop applications to engage our customers. Westmark Enterprises is looking for our next Web Application Developer! As an IT Web Application Developer you can

Westmark Enterprises is looking for their next IT Development Manager. This role is responsible for the oversight and management of the information technology development team for the organization. Their duties involve developing, project managing, and supporting custom software applications. In thi