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Finnin Ford

Finnin Ford

Contact Information

Company Name:Finnin Ford
Contact: Mike Finnin
Address: 3600 Dodge St.
Dubuque, IA 52003
Phone: 563-556-1010
Web Site:


Mike Finnin's history in the auto business is represented with 30 plus years. Mike started in the car business right out of college when he bought a Ford dealership from his father in a small town in Kansas.

In 1979 Mike wanted a bigger Ford dealership so he found the Ford dealership for sale in Dubuque, Iowa. He visited the location and decided this was where he wanted to be.  Mike bought the store and moved his wife, Sharon and two children to Dubuque one month later.

In 1985 he bought another dealership which sold Mercedes Benz, Renault and Volkswagen.  In 1987 he moved these franchises to the Ford location.  At the same time he acquired the Jeep franchise.

In 1993 he acquired the Chrysler, Plymouth and Eagle franchises.  He moved his non-Ford franchises to the location at Highway 20 and the Northwest arterial. He built a new facility on that location in 1995 for his parts and service for Chrysler, Plymouth, Jeep, Eagle, Mercedes Benz and Volkswagen. Because of the market area sales for Mercedes Benz and Volkswagen were not large enough to justify the expense associated with those two franchises he gave up the franchises.

Mike now has two locations: Mike Finnin Ford, Inc. is located at 3600 Dodge St., Dubuque, IA and Mike Finnin Motors, located 4355 Dodge St., Dubuque, IA.

Full Time/ 40 hrs M-F 7:30 am – 4:30 pm Assist Customers with Transactions Accounting Background Strong Attention to Detail Be Able to Multi-Task Computer experience