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Hirschbach Motor Lines, Inc.

Hirschbach Motor Lines, Inc.

Contact Information

Company Name:Hirschbach Motor Lines, Inc.
Contact: Human Resources Manager
Address: 2460 Kerper Blvd
Web Site:


Hirschbach Motor Lines is a refrigerated carrier established in 1935. Proudly family owned, Hirschbach's refrigerated fleet is among the newest, most fuel efficient, and environmentally friendly in the trucking industry. We specialize in delivering fresh and frozen products across the United States along with offering experience in handling dry goods. Hirschbach is a company built on strong relationships with our family of customers, drivers, employees, vendors, and partner carries. We welcome you to join our family!

The Breakdown Coordinator is responsible for the coordination of non-scheduled repair assistance to operators. They direct vehicles to the nearest company service location or other service providers. Breakdown Coordinators acknowledge a breakdown event and identify the best course of action to effic

Responsible for personal computer based Local Area Networks throughout the organization. Plans, organizes and controls personal computer (PC) Local Area Network (LAN) operations, software usage, and systems analysis. Responsible for any employees or outsourced resources in their activities on the PC

Up to $21/hour based on experience! Benefits include: Vacation, Medical, Dental, and Vision Insurance, 401k, & Weekly bonuses based on output!

The OS&D Associate is responsible for ensuring product overages, shortages, and damages are handled efficiently. This position is responsible for retaining positive customer, driver, and shipper relationships when OS&D issues arise. The OS&D Associate will administer asset management.

The Driver Manager oversees the operations of drivers who are dispatched from Hirschbach terminals. The Driver Manager’s goal is to increase driver retention by providing drivers with 2,500 miles per week, managing home time, using TPI effectively, and encouraging drivers to provide excellent servic

The Safety Coach is responsible for ensuring compliance with all applicable DOT regulations. The Safety Coach is responsible for coaching and counseling to ensure that drivers are following DOT regulations and company policies.

The Director of Fleet Management is responsible for maintaining driver manager key metrics, standard operating procedure, and development.

The Pricing & Network Manager is responsible for appropriately rating new business bids, existing business bids, maintaining new and current rates and lane compliance expectations, and assuring customer records, commitments, and lanes are maintained.

The Customer Service Representative directs, controls and coordinates various customer service functions. The Customer Service Representative’s duties include including booking freight, processing orders, monitoring service, optimizing loads, accommodating customer needs and requirements, and establ